The reach of local affiliate TV advertising is extending, not shrinking

There is a misconception that affiliate TV advertising (spots purchased on local ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC networks) is not as strong of a player in today’s media planning. This is not at all true. Local affiliate TV advertising has experienced growth and efficiency with its gained reach in CTV, and it continues to be … Continue reading The reach of local affiliate TV advertising is extending, not shrinking

Google’s Pagination Updates

From: Search Engine Journal Pagination is defined as the process of separating print or digital content into discrete pages. Websites that provide users with extensive long-form content benefit from this in that the pages are broken up to improve user experience. Blogs, educational articles, newsletters and discussion forums are all examples of commonly paginated website … Continue reading Google’s Pagination Updates

The Trade Desk Enters China

The Trade Desk, a demand-side platform (DSP), has officially launched its programmatic advertising offering in China. The DSP first entered the China market back in November 2018 with a beta launch, and partnered with Baidu and its streaming services, as well as Tencent and Youku, the Alibaba-owned video platform. The partnerships will give The Trade … Continue reading The Trade Desk Enters China

Can Location Data Be Utilized in a Private World?

Marketers no longer operate in a landscape that underestimates data. Instead, marketers now leverage data to inform strategy and glean insights about their audience from an immeasurable amount of information. However, advertisers are experiencing a new challenge in understanding and reaching their audience. Consumers are catching on to how private data is being collected, and … Continue reading Can Location Data Be Utilized in a Private World?

Pinterest Launches Catalogs

Earlier this month, Pinterest launched a tool that enables retailers to auto-import their online product catalogs as pins, which include up-to-date pricing. Product pins can then be promoted as targeted self-serve shopping ads. Amy Vener, retail vertical strategy lead at Pinterest states that the company’s product development efforts have “focused on pivoting consumer inspiration to … Continue reading Pinterest Launches Catalogs