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Meta Introduces AI-Driven Brand Safety Tools

By: Maddie Mooney    May 5, 2023

With two new AI-powered brand suitability solutions, Meta lends advertisers more control in social media advertising. According to Meta’s official announcement, the new tools are “important milestones” in the company’s commitment to upholding brand suitability and transparency in advertising.

The first solution announced was the Inventory Filter that features three tiers for advertisers to choose from: expanded inventory, moderate inventory, and limited inventory. Leveraging Meta’s content monetization policies, the Global Alliance for Responsible Media’s suitability framework, and Meta’s multistage AI review system, the tool can analyze the suitability of Instagram and Facebook feed content. Based on this classification, the system can determine if the post is appropriate to appear adjacent to ads (based on an advertiser’s selected inventory filter level).



Currently available to only English- and Spanish-speaking markets, Meta plans to roll out the filters to more countries later this year.

Additionally, Meta announced a third-party brand suitability verification solution that is available for Facebook Feeds advertisements. In partnership with Zefr, a global market leader in brand suitability, the tool assesses video, image, text, and audio to categorize content based on GARM suitability standards. Based on the generated assessment reports, advertisers can measure, verify, and understand the environment in which their ads are shown.

Ultimately, both solutions appear to be Meta’s answer to resolving growing advertiser concerns. With each tool currently facing major limitations in market availability and placement usage, the application of these solutions is unpractical for many advertisers. Meta needs to prioritize continued development of these tools so advertisers can seamlessly leverage each within campaigns. If the tools expand to all advertising placements on Facebook and Instagram, then advertisers will find immense value in understanding a delivered ad’s surrounding context. Finding potential patterns in ad delivery will help advertisers understand targeted audiences on a deeper level. With this level of knowledge, advertisers can adjust and create campaigns to increase the likelihood of successful engagement and conversions.