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Want to drive better business outcomes, then start measuring attention.

By: Glenda Terrell    September 5, 2023

Move over viewability, a new ad metric is in town, and it’s called attention. There’s been an industrywide push for measurements that tell us if someone had the opportunity to absorb an ad’s message and we’re calling that measurement attention. Establishing attention as a metric will show how engaged a consumer was and how they interacted with an ad.

How big is attention? By gauging attention generated by a campaign, advertisers can shift from purchasing media based on a reach metric, like impressions, to purchasing media based on the effect of a campaign. Think about how measuring the effect of a campaign can lead to optimizations throughout the funnel and to projecting business outcomes.

Measuring attention isn’t simple. The formula includes pulling together several data points like impressions, click data, interaction data, conversion data, contextual data, etc. to generate an output. Many advertisers are looking at combining attention metrics with predictive AI technology to optimize campaigns toward high-attention environments.

Everybody may not be doing it the same way, but you can be sure that you’ll be hearing a lot of talk about measuring attention as you move into 2024.

To ensure you get the most out of each platform that offers attention measurement, build a deep understanding of what went into the measurement and its focus. To read more about what the advertising community is saying about measuring attention, check out these links: 

Attention is the New Metric