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Programmatic DOOH advertisements continue to grow in 2023

By: Jose D'Windt    August 7, 2023

After two complicated years due to the COVID-19 lockdown, programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad spend continues its steady growth, showing a 6.53% growth in ad investment in 2023.

The continued growth in availability and increased capabilities to buy ads programmatically has made DOOH a great choice for location-based media tactics. This growth has encouraged big brands, such as Coca-Cola, Clorox, and Spotify, to continue pushing the boundaries with amazing creative work. And, most importantly, the growth has encouraged ad tech companies to continue investing in improvements on the available technology to deliver and track these amazingly creative ad campaigns.

Great reach value, fully integrated

As an overview, DOOH refers to all digital media found outside of either households or personal use devices. This concept covers mostly any media property installed in public spaces, such as billboards or LED screens, designed to contain advertising messages in high-traffic spaces, such as avenues, streets, and sidewalks.

Going digital means not only being able to add movement and quality from a creative standpoint, but it also means added accountability and additional ways to measure success and ad reach, which is why brands are consistently growing their investment in DOOH media, especially in developed markets such as the U.S., EMEA, and APAC.

Automation is key

One of the keys to the exponential growth of DOOH media has been the development of server-side environments that allow media buyers to buy DOOH ads programmatically. Platforms such as Place Exchange, The Trade Desk, and, more recently, Google Display & Video 360 now include DOOH buying capabilities as part of their offerings, which allow media buyers to not only be able to control budgets easily but also to integrate DOOH media with other components of the media mix, such as mobile or social media, creating synergies that boost the reach effect of the campaign.

In addition, because of its location-centric nature, DOOH works as a very effective tool to boost store traffic and footfall attribution media tactics, giving an additional anchor point to add secondary messaging for user retargeting or to include an additional location data point to increase accuracy for strategies that want users to physically move to a certain place. Tech partners such as Vistar Media use such tools and couple them with dynamic creative capabilities to be able to update messaging in real time and drive traffic to multiple locations, both physical and digital.

Here are some creative ways in which DOOH could be integrated to a media strategy:

  • Publish DOOH dynamic ads that vary based on events, such as weather, high vehicle traffic, daytime, or even proximity to an important location where a particular promotion or sales deal is occurring at any specific moment.
  • Use a DOOH screen as an additional beacon for a geofencing campaign, where your store location is one location point and the screen is another, to increase accuracy and add data that could help marketers ensure that users who were exposed to the DOOH message went near your store more frequently than those who were not exposed.
  • Use extra devices, such as promotion codes or QR Code-based mobile links, to deliver conversion-based messaging to be redeemed both in-store or online.

Whether your strategy takes full advantage of the dynamic capabilities that going digital has to offer or the focus is to gain massive reach with shocking ads that users remember, DOOH has become a solid opportunity to continue pushing the envelope in a way that will help your brand’s marketing message come across in an effective way. Let us know if you have any questions about DOOH, and we’ll gladly talk about it with your marketing team!