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Contextual Advertising

By: Ryan Herman    October 2, 2023

Today, staying relevant and resonating with your target audience is key to the success of an advertising campaign. How can you achieve this connection in today’s crowded digital landscape? Enter contextual advertising, where savvy marketers can harness the power of content.

The strategy behind contextual advertising revolves around going beyond the traditional demo-based approach and focusing on the relevance of your message in real time with consumers and their online and offline experiences.

Context Is King:

Contextual advertising in the simplest form is delivering ads that align seamlessly with the content and environment where the consumer is found. It can be an article, video, social media post, or even the outdoor billboard consumers pass on their way to work. They are content-driven ads that blend into the environment to enhance engagement and relevance.

The Power of Real Time:

Imagine driving to work and you see a digital out-of-home board for a tire company saying it’s going to rain on the way home and you need to give yourself some extra time. This contextual-based board provides you with information you need, creating engagement and delivering value, all without advertising a single product.

Travel destinations can give you flight information about the plane that is outside your window right now, creating a FOMO moment of what you could be doing instead. These contextual-based ideas are what consumers want – they are relevant, syncing perfectly with the user’s interests and needs.

Data and Insights:

Every advertiser is looking to see the success rate of a campaign and what levers they can pull to make it stand out even more. With contextual campaigns, you can get real-time insights into performance and trends, then make informed decisions about what’s happening. The keywords and trends can be maximized with machine learning and AI to create better ROI and media metrics for each medium.

What’s Next:

Contextual advertising is only going to get easier. From AI and machine learning to DCO (dynamic creative optimization) to more relevant placement opportunities, all of these platforms will help deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right place. By understanding and leveraging the context of consumers’ online experiences, you can craft engaging messages. Contextual advertising is a strategy that allows you to truly connect with your audience.