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Google Marketing Live 2023: Key Announcements and the Future of the Google Ads Specialist

By: Brett DiFranco    July 7, 2023

Google Marketing Live 2023 brought a storm of exciting updates that are set to revolutionize the way advertisers approach their Google Ads campaigns. Our team listened in as the AI-heavy updates poured in. Here’s a recap of the key announcements we took away from Google Marketing Live:

Conversational AI in Google Ads

Soon you’ll be able to create Google Ads campaigns using conversational AI directly within the Google Ads interface. This AI-driven chat feature takes some of the workload off advertisers and assists in the asset creation process. Don’t worry, you still have the ability to edit the assets generated by AI or add your own before activating your campaign.

Integration of Ads into Search Generative Experience

Google is working on integrating ads into the Search Generative Experience (SGE), which was introduced at Google I/O. While still in the experimental phase, this integration hints at the future monetization potential of Search Generative Experiences.

Generative AI for Performance Max Assets:

Performance Max will soon offer an even more automated experience with the inclusion of generative AI in the campaign setup process. This feature will aid in generating text and image assets. Simply respond to a few Google AI questions and your campaign will be populated with creative assets. Advertisers will still have the ability to edit the AI assets or add their own.

AI-Generated Images with Google Product Studio

Google’s Product Studio tool enables merchants to enhance and manipulate product photos using AI. From editing and sharpening images to creating dynamic backgrounds, this tool will help advertisers create visually appealing product images.

Merchant Center Next

Google Merchant Center Next is set to replace Google Merchant Center by 2024. This updated version simplifies the process of creating product feeds by automatically leveraging website data, making it more accessible and less technical for merchants.

With the integration of AI into Google Ads, I can’t ignore how the role of a Google Ads specialist is evolving in real-time. Here’s a glimpse of how I expect AI to re-shape the role in three key areas:


  • Focus on Strategy: As AI takes over repetitive and time-consuming tasks like asset creation and optimization, Google Ads specialists will have more bandwidth to focus on strategic initiatives. They can invest their time in analyzing data, understanding consumer behavior, and devising effective campaign strategies. This shift allows them to become true strategists, leveraging AI-generated insights to make data-driven decisions and drive better results.


  • Creative Collaboration with AI: AI-powered tools, such as AI-generated images and chat-based campaign setup, will foster collaboration between Google Ads specialists and AI systems. Instead of viewing AI as a replacement, specialists will work alongside AI to refine and enhance the generated assets. They can infuse their creative expertise, making adjustments, and adding human touches to align the AI-generated content with brand identity and campaign objectives.


  • Continuous Learning: With AI’s ability to process vast amounts of data and provide real-time insights, Google Ads specialists will need to adapt and embrace a culture of continuous learning. They will need to stay updated on the latest AI-driven features and advancements in order to leverage them effectively. This includes understanding AI-generated performance metrics, interpreting AI-driven recommendations, and refining strategies based on AI insights. Keeping up with AI developments will be crucial to stay ahead of the curve.