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Walmart and Roku Partner to Pilot Seamless Shoppable Ads

By: Gabi Sergi    June 8, 2023

The world’s largest retailer and the United States’ top streaming device recently partnered to pilot the simplest checkout experience on TV, emphasizing it is “beyond the QR code.” Typically, viewers must scan a QR code with a separate device that sends them to an outside website to purchase a product.

Walmart’s integration with Roku moves this experience to take place entirely within the Roku app. Viewers served Walmart ads via Roku can press “OK” on their Roku remote to be taken to a checkout screen, and then place their order with Roku Pay by pressing “OK” again – with their TV show still paused (Marketing Dive). This eliminates the need for typing in credit card numbers, QR codes and many of the other time-consuming steps previously needed.

Peter Hamilton, head of Roku TV Commerce, states, “We’re making shopping on TV as easy as it is on social. For years, streamers have purchased new Roku devices and signed up for millions of subscriptions with their Roku remote. Streaming commerce brings that same ease and convenience to marketers and shoppers.” Roku is also publishing its own brand studio to help marketers design and execute their campaigns. Currently, this first-of-its-kind partnership is an exclusive deal between Walmart and Roku, but it opens the doors to make TV streaming the next eCommerce shopping destination.