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TV’s Full-Funnel Value

By: Christine Price    August 7, 2023

With the inclusion of data into TV buying and measurement, advertisers can see full-funnel results from awareness to outcome metrics from their TV advertising investments. Today’s TV ecosystem includes linear cable and broadcast, data-driven linear, addressable TV, connected TV, VOD and streaming. The Video Advertising Bureau’s recent study “How TV Advertising Grows Brands” provides solid case studies on the value of TV in all stages of the advertising funnel. 

Data growth in advertising is being fueled by third-party companies such as Nielsen, Comscore, iSpot, Innovid, and VideoAmp with software that can validate the attribution of TV advertising. These resources can provide insights beyond the legacy TV metrics such as CPM and TV impressions. New measurements can show 1:1 insight on TV ads showing more strategic performance measurements such as unique visitors to a website, ad attention, search queries and sales. I have seen and currently use these new TV measurement tools. Our client’s brands are not only seeing the value of their TV ad investments, but they are also able to quickly pivot their TV strategies within their channel mix, creatives, spot lengths and dayparts (and more), resulting in huge jumps in their ROI. 

The VAB study takes a deep dive into TV’s role through the purchase funnel with awareness, consideration, intent and sales. For awareness, TV helps legitimize brands, turning them into household names and enabling brand breakthroughs. In the consideration phase, TV shows have proved to lift with increased search queries, social conversations and new customer prospecting through unique website visitors. During the intent stage, TV ads drive surges of people to online storefronts, boost app downloads and grow customer acquisition. And in the final sales stage, TV increases short-term KPIs and longer-term sales growth. 

Today’s TV ecosystem has evolved, and its value is a powerful strategic media tactic for advertising brands. Continued TV investments can ignite and sustain revenue growth for brands’ ROI, lift website traffic and increase sales.