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In-App Mobile Advertising

By: Tricia Evans    March 24, 2020

Today, mobile advertising in the US now exceeds $70 billion. In addition, in-app mobile advertising is set to be worth $226 billion by 2025. However, due to the privacy regulation updates from the main players in the in-app space, we could see a huge decline in ad sales in years to come.

With the California Consumer Privacy Act news, Google confirmed it would retire the use of cookies for ad targeting within their web browser, Chrome, by 2022. This news follows after Apple and Mozilla both made the decision to retire cookies retrospectively across Safari and Firefox web browsers.

Following these moves, many now believe that in-app mobile is set to do the same. Last year, Apple came out with updates that prevent app developers’ and advertisers’ ability to track user iOS location and Google announced they plan to do the same in upcoming updates. This new update will require that developers get approval if they want to access location data in the background. More recently, Apple and Google are said to set to retire in-app mobile advertising IDs in coming years.

These updates have come up in line with the California Consumer Privacy Act. Developers rely heavily on these device ids and if Apple and Google do get rid of them, app developers could see a 60% reduction in revenue. The debate on how mobile ids differ from cookies and how they relate to privacy concerns will eventually play out and will be interesting to see in coming years.