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COVID-19 Impact on Content Consumption

By: Lisa Holmgren    April 29, 2020

With stay-at-home orders in place for most of the United States, media consumption has seen a huge increase. Nielsen predicts that homes are seeing upwards of a 60% increase in content consumption during this time. Content consumption can range from video and radio content, to books and so on.

By generation, media consumption changes vary. In a study from Visual Capitalist, Gen Zers (ages 16-23) and Millennials (ages 24-37) saw the largest percent increase in online videos and online TV streaming, while Gen Xers (ages 38-56) saw the largest increase in broadcast TV and radio. Boomers’ (ages 57-64) habits seemed to change the least, with the largest increase coming from broadcast TV.

Content regarding COVID-19

What sites are these generations looking to as trustworthy when it comes to information regarding COVID-19? Interestingly, an average of 61% feel the World Health Organization is the most trustworthy, followed by an average of 49% looking to government websites. An average of only 39% feel news channels are trustworthy sources.

Irrespective of what type is being consumed, people are spending more time than ever consuming content in various forms, which is providing a great opportunity for brands to engage with a more captive audience.