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Understanding Google’s Multisearch and Scene Exploration

By: Daniel Kohl    January 3, 2023

Multisearch is Google’s next attempt at revolutionizing the way people search. If you haven’t already, shifting your SEO strategy to accommodate visual searches should be your top priority to stay competitive in the years to come. We are seeing a shift from the traditional metasearch engine landscape that we’re all familiar with to what can only be described as a multitasking search engine that’s in the pocket of every consumer – and it’s going to be even more difficult to get click-throughs to your website. Preparing for what changes are to come for SEO and tailoring your website for Multisearch could be your best new tactic for ranking in organic search.

What Is Google’s Multisearch?

Google’s Multisearch is a dynamic way for people to search images and text in real time; through Google Lens on your smart device, Multisearch allows you to refine your search for more relevant information. Google wants to change the way people search beyond typing into a search box. Multisearch gives you another option that goes beyond the traditional image search we’ve seen with Bing’s Visual Search and Google previously. Results that aren’t as straightforward are now searchable.

How to Search with Multisearch

I wanted to search for gingerbread cookies through Google Lens in the Google App, and with the press of the shutter button, Google fetched results showcasing a variety of cookie recipes. Pulling up the Visual Matches tab, you can refine your search by tapping the Add to Your Search button. I refined the image even further to “pajama pants,” and was pleasantly surprised to find gingerbread man pajama pants that fit my style, all without having to search those keywords. That’s the power of Multisearch in Google Lens.

Google Multisearch Gingerbread man Google multisearch gingerbread man search results Google multisearch google lens gingerbread man pajama pants

Putting it to the test again, I used a small wooden nautical ship. Google Lens recognized that the item is indeed a nautical ship, fetching me a dozen or so results. My refinement query of “paintings” didn’t make Multisearch break a sweat, and sure enough I was presented with a fine selection of art to choose from.

Google mutisearch with google lens USS Consitution ship paintings of the old sail boat ship with Google lens

We’ve demonstrated how we can utilize Multisearch tools to effectively search Google for all of our needs. So what’s next for Google?

What’s New with Multisearch: Scene Exploration

At Google I/O 2022, the company demonstrated the further powers of Multisearch with Scene Exploration, a way to glean insights about objects in the real world and fetch search information to help you make decisions about the world around you. Whether it be food recommendations from a photo, or product selection to help you find a “scent free moisturizer at your local corner store”, Google can parse the information and compare it to relevant images and product offerings from local businesses near you. With Scene Exploration through Multisearch, Google is going to change the way people search … again.

Google Scene exploration with Google lens

How to Optimize for Google Multisearch

With the future of search being visual, optimizing your website for images, videos and voice search is going to be the crucial ranking factor Google will look for. This will include more images with relevant and descriptive alt text, and valid structured data for all the products and videos on your website. Ensuring your Google Business Profile has up-to-date information, product listings, rich media (like videos and photos), and a backlog of quality Google reviews should help prepare you for Scene Exploration through Multisearch.

Google is utilizing much of their toolkit to help improve the search experience for users, and we as businesses better start preparing for the era of visual search.