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Traffic With Comcast AdDelivery

By: Mya Rothschuh    February 28, 2022

Trafficking broadcast radio along with TV can be a lot of moving pieces; between managing deadlines, figuring out an easy delivery process for partners, or executing quick turnarounds for unanticipated problems. Information that is being passed between emails can easily be missed or lost, especially when there is a lot of communication going on regarding trafficking an upcoming campaign.

Now with Comcast AdDelivery, the trafficking process has been a lot smoother. With over 19,000 linear and digital media destinations, your agency can traffic HD and SD file formats in a matter of minutes. The whole process can be done from in-house – depending on the process your agency follows. The production team can easily upload the file, then the designated trafficker can log in to Comcast and see there is a spot seated within the Spots section that is labeled “unsent,” which means it is needed to be trafficked to your designated partners. Once the specific fields are filled out, you can deliver your media with one click of a button! There is also a feature labeled DH-Delivery History that allows you to ensure your media was delivered to all the respected destinations.

Being able to condense the delivery process of trafficking allows you more time to triple-check your information, set aside time for any technical issues you may encounter, and give your partners plenty of time to get your creative into rotation. Media is moving quickly within the agency world, and being able to have a quality and quick asset delivery platform is very helpful.