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TikTok Introduces Spark Ads

By: Caitlin Baker    July 29, 2021

TikTok has introduced a new ad option that allows brands to sponsor already trending organic content that aligns with their offerings. This gives brands the opportunity to repurpose existing content for paid campaigns without having to create anything themselves or pay a creator to create something on their behalf. It also gives the brand an association with well-known or highly viewed creator.

Through Spark Ads, brands can identify existing organic videos that might fit their campaign – maybe a creator has already created an organic video featuring your brand in a positive way. The brand can reach out directly to the creator and gain permission to repurpose their clips for a paid campaign.

From TikTok:
TikTok is made up of creators who are redefining entertainment, starting trends, and sharing with the world their take on popular products and services. Brands can now tap into the plethora of creative, diverse content and connect with the creators who help bring these products and services to life … With Spark Ads, brands can build long-lasting connections that are authentic and rooted in community while also delivering sustainable and impactful business value.

Spark Ads can be turned into In-Feed ads or TopView ads, as well as utilize TikTok’s ad targeting tools, so ads don’t just have to be top-of-the-funnel or reach-oriented.

Spark Ads essentially give brands the opportunity to boost already strong content, which takes some of the risk out of running on the platform. This is especially great for brands that are less familiar with the platform, just getting started with TikTok, or don’t have a budget to produce original material. Additionally, it ensures the ads you’re running on the platform actually fit with the platform and don’t feel out of place or too “ad-like.”

This fits with the overall message that TikTok has been sending to brands: Make TikToks, not ads. The promotions that work best on TikTok are those that align with what users are already seeing in their feeds so it feels natural with their on-platform experience. Brands don’t need to reinvent the wheel to be successful on TikTok.