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The Power of Influencers and Social Media

By: Mya Rothschuh    March 7, 2023

Have you ever been curious about just how many people are in the world? Well, if you have, I am here to tell you that there are over 7 BILLION people. According to the Global Social Media Statistics report, out of those 7 billion, 4.76 billion use social media. For most if not all advertisers, social media is a great way to enable a campaign or brand to reach and engage with an immense audience.

Advertisers most often use social media by utilizing multiple platforms, tools, formats, creative or influencer partnerships to promote and generate brand awareness. Clicking onto a social app after a long day at work can be a form of unwinding; while scrolling, you may come across a content creator promoting one of their favored brands. Seeing a well-known creator who has a mass following partner with a brand is more likely to entice someone to explore the product, which can then lead to a purchase.

On Instagram alone, there are more than 500,000 influencers. Other social platforms, much like Instagram, have many influencers – all of whom can or could already be reaching your target audience. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, businesses are making a $5.2 ROI (return on investment) for every $1.00 spent on influencer marketing.

By partnering with an influencer platform, you can meet your clients’ goals while engaging with consumers in an entertaining experience. So, for your next new product launch, maybe you can make a recommendation to test out influencer advertising/marketing!