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Super Bowl LVI Review

By: Seth Klein    February 28, 2022

The NFL’s biggest game of the year has come and gone once again, and as always, the event drew a large audience and some creative advertising. After a down year in 2021, the Super Bowl rebounded with the highest rated Super Bowl since the Atlanta-New England game in 2017.

On average, the game had 112.3 million viewers, with its peak at 167 million – a 14% increase from last year’s Super Bowl. The top-five markets watching were Cincinnati, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Columbus, Ohio; and Kansas City, Missouri.

In terms of advertising, the average cost of a Super Bowl spot was around $6.5 million per 30-second ad – about a $1 million increase from last year. According to YouTube, the most popular ads based on total views aired were:

• Amazon Mind Reader
• T-Mobile Home Internet
• “Jurassic World Dominion” Trailer

Additionally, the most searched ads on Google were:

• Budweiser A Clydesdale’s Journey
• Michelob Ultra Superior Bowl
• Doritos Push It Flamin’ Hot
• Coinbase QR Code