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Snapchat Releases Snapchat Trends

By: Tricia Evans    September 1, 2021

Snapchat recently launched a public website where advertisers can now see and search for top trending topics. Advertisers will have the ability to enter any keyword, topic or product name into the search bar to see relevancy and trending performance over time. The results will be based on public stories from the last 30-90 days. The goal of the Snapchat Trends site is to help advertisers better tailor their campaigns based on what is relevant at the time.


The platform is trying to keep up with other social media competitors that have this ability already, such as Google Trends and TikTok hashtags. Snapchat is also hoping that since the site is public and not just available for current advertisers that they can gain interest from new advertisers.


Snapchat has over 500 million monthly active users globally and 293 million daily active users, up 22% daily average users YoY. Its advertising revenue was up 66% because of the increase in users and continues to grow. Snapchat has made significant investments in platform features, such as improvements in the scan feature as well as AR capabilities for brand campaigns.


The growth of the platform usage along with the continuous updates that Snapchat puts forth to stay competitive should keep its advertising revenue growing for years to come. Snapchat Trends will hopefully make an even bigger impact for brands and advertisers as staying relevant and connecting with consumers when and where conversations are happening is more important than ever.


To see the Snapchat Trends site, visit