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Screaming Frog’s New Tutorial Shows How to Automate Reports With Google Data Studio

By: Jake Patterson    September 30, 2021

Screaming Frog version 16.0 brings a lot of cool new features like Advance Search & Filtering and Improved JavaScript Crawling, but the coolest update may be the automated Google Data Studio export. Google Data Studio can be a powerful tool for agencies when linked to outside data sources and this is a prime example.

The new export option is available within report scheduling. The data will store itself in a Google Sheet that updates on the scheduled export while also retaining historical data. The Google Sheet then connects directly to Google Data Studio and is available for visualization. Screaming Frog even created a template that you can copy and connect to your own website’s crawl data.

One obvious benefit of this new feature is having readily available historical crawl data that is easy to aggregate, visualize and develop insights from. Pairing Screaming Frog crawl data with Google Search Console and Google Analytics data can help provide the bigger picture of your site’s organic traffic.