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Optimization Scores Now Offered in Performance Max

By: Taylor Spielman    July 28, 2022

Since the announcement of Performance Max campaigns last November, advertisers have been patiently waiting for Google to roll out new features. Luckily, the time has finally come. Google announced recently that Performance Max will now have six new features, with the biggest being Optimization Score.

Optimization Scores are one of the most useful features of Google campaigns. With Google learning and understanding your Performance Max campaign’s bid model, you will now be able to easily apply recommendations and take next steps to help drive better results – without doing any guesswork or heavy lifting.

Along with the Optimization Score, Google will also roll out the following features for Performance Max campaigns.

New Performance Max Features

  • Seasonality Adjustments
    • With various sales and promotions happening throughout the year, seasonality adjustments are now available for Performance Max campaigns. These adjustments will help your Performance Max bid strategy when you are anticipating a higher conversion rate. Note that Smart Bidding already accounts for anticipated seasonal events, such as the holiday shopping season.
  • Data Exclusions
    • Data exclusions tell Smart Bidding to exclude data from dates on which you encountered issues with your conversion tracking that impact the accuracy of your reported conversions. With this new feature, you can now alleviate the guessing game of data discrepancies.
  • Advanced Location Targeting Controls
    • Advanced location targeting controls will help you be more precise with your targeting. You can now target “presence” or “presence or interest” within your Performance Max campaign.
  • Explanations
    • Explanations make it easier to identify performance fluctuations, as well as diagnose issues. For example, if you are utilizing Performance Max for online sales with a product feed, you will be able to see explanations that offer analysis on your product status, top-moving products, listing groups and product types.
  • Diagnostic Insights
    • Diagnostic insights help you understand whether your campaign is running smoothly. You can quickly identify issues related to ad policy, billing, budget and more. You will also get recommendations on how to fix the issues that may come up.

With the rollout of these new features, advertisers will be able to continue to take advantage of everything Google has to offer within Performance Max campaigns. If you have any questions regarding Performance Max, Media Unleashed™ is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer.