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New with Nielsen

By: Mya Rothschuh    October 29, 2021

Nielsen has recently struck a digital measurement agreement with the five-star digital TV streaming platform, Roku. Nielsen states that with its digital content ratings, this new deal will permit publishers to measure content on Roku’s 55.1 million U.S. accounts, kicking off with data from Q2 2021.

This deal has everything to do with Nielsen’s upcoming launch of Nielsen One, which will change the way Nielsen has previously measured an audience. Starting in fall 2022, Nielsen will begin measuring the true size of the audience rather than how many people saw a TV program’s ads within three to seven days of airing. Scott Brown, general manager of audience measurement at Nielsen, states, “Each individual advertisement will get an audience estimate number, with the goal of fully abandoning the older metrics by fall 2024.”

In terms of data, Nielsen will continue to rely on the panels that were used to create its current TV ratings; although, Brown states the data will now be “truly cross-platform.” Nielsen will be drawing additional data from its digital partners, including Amazon, Hulu, Roku, Vizio and Google/YouTube.