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Media and Analytics Onboards Lotame as Marcus Thomas’ DMP

By: Elizabeth Abate    December 1, 2016

The media and analytics teams are working to integrate Lotame as our Data Management Platform, or DMP. Lotame will allow us to collect our clients’ audience data from sources such as websites, search, mobile apps, CRM data, point-of-sale data, and social data. Lotame allows us to purchase access to third-party data to allow us to form a complete profile of our brands’ audiences. The media team can use this data to execute highly-segmented digital campaigns with precise granularity, for example:

  • Retargeting website visitors with ads who have viewed a particular product but have not purchased.
  • Targeting an audience segment of users who have similar attributes to those who have already made a purchase on the website.
  • Creating cookie pools of users who have encountered our ads on endemic websites (but have not clicked or converted.)
  • Identifying sub-audiences within the pool of website visitors, and creating branded content that appeals to those audiences.
  • Identifying the precise locations where users are accessing the mobile web, and identifying what pages are being accessed to help inform the paid search strategy.

The first brand being onboarded is Dexcom. Training commences next week. Media and Analytics will share the ways we’re using this data in upcoming communications.