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Is it a TikTok or is it an ad?

By: Angela Besprozvanny    July 29, 2021

Why are people saying “TikTok made me buy it”? That’s because it has become a unique platform that engages users to try something they’ve never done before. In fact, over half of users are saying they find new products through the app, which provides a huge opportunity for brands. Since TikTok’s algorithm uses a content graph versus a social graph, the right creative is key in becoming a successful brand on the platform.

So how do you get TikTok to work for your brand? Here are some best practices:

• Be Authentic: The “Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks” tagline is very true. If the creative is too polished, then it’s more likely to be skipped over because it’ll stand out as an ad. It should seem native to the platform and incorporate the style and formatting of organic videos. It’ll take more than just resizing your creative into a vertical format, though. Play with text overlays, video effects and voice-overs.

• Engage Sound: TikTok is not the same as the sound-off environment on Facebook and Instagram feeds. Sound is what drives trends, so pump up the audio. Whether it’s music or a voice-over or both, sound should be used purposefully, and the message should be clear and concise.

• Experiment with User-Generated Content: Users are already trying products and tips shared by other users. If you can tap into user-generated content, it will help your ad feel more natural. People speaking directly to the audience can also help drive better results. Content creators being used for promotion are even calling out how they tried the product after discovering it on TikTok. This supports the “TikTok made me buy it” trend and can grab the audience’s attention to try something new.

TikTok users feel that the content is more unique, honest, real and fun compared to other social platforms. It’s time for brands to be a little more unfiltered and get creative with a new way of reaching their audience.