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Granfluencers Continue to Rise in 2023

By: Lisa Holmgren    March 31, 2023

We all know what influencers are. The younger generations love to have influencers help them make purchase decisions. But you may be asking yourself, “What in the world is a Granfluncer?”

Enter the super-cool senior citizens, the Granfluencers, and people are 100% here for it.

I mean, what is more lovable than “Nana” sharing her wealth of knowledge all while dancing away to the latest TikTok trend? Not to mention, who wouldn’t trust what a sweet, little grandma recommends – I mean, they have seen a lot over the years, so they know.

Granfluencers add elements of wisdom and life experiences to any brand’s image. Millennials came up in the age of self-branding, whereas the Boomers of the world find social media new. Because it’s new, the authenticity of the content is there.

I think the senior citizen content creators will be here to stay, and we will only see an increase from them in 2024. They are making a more inclusive and definitely more entertaining social space for brands and everyone else.