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Google Page Experience Update Rolled Out in June: What Webmasters Need to Prioritize

By: Cami Clark    June 29, 2021

Following a very unclear core algorithm update on June 2, which created a lot of stir in organic search rankings, Google started slowly rolling out the much-anticipated Google Page Experience Update, focusing on website performance, Core Web Vitals and mobile friendliness. Has your website or your client’s website been impacted from the Google Page Experience Update already? Were you affected?

As we are all gathering data and keeping a close eye on website performance in organic search, Google recommends prioritizing these eight strategies to make sure your website does not get impacted negatively:

1. Analyze the newly available Search Console Insights to better understand your website’s content performance.
2. Focus first on improving your website’s mobile performance metrics.
3. Use the Chrome User Experience Report and PageSpeed Insights field data to gather metrics that need addressed.
4. Prioritize fixing LCD metrics first – most websites have big issues with their LCS score.
5. Aim to get to the “Good” stage.
6. Focus first on slow load pages that have high organic traffic or are essential revenue drivers for your ecommerce website.
7. Prioritize fixing your website’s images.
8. Compare your website’s pages with similar competitors’ pages to see how theirs are performing.