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Google Makes Updates to Promotions to Benefit both Retailers and Consumers

By: Jordan Laneve    October 28, 2020

Google announced updates for both merchants and consumers this week as we head into the 2020 holiday season.

Merchant promotions are now available for all U.S. retailers and will appear across more surfaces than ever before. Additional promotion updates include faster approval times and easier editing features within Merchant Center. Additional reporting being released in November will provide retailers with better insights on promotion and on-sale products so advertisers can quickly capitalize on shopper demand and adjust if necessary. All updates apply to both free shopping listings and paid shopping campaigns.

And for the consumer, Google will now be highlighting the best deals in search results to ensure shoppers get the best available price. They have also added an “on-sale” filter to the shopping tab across mobile and desktop. The filter references product inventory across ads and free listings that have a promotion or sale, allowing consumers to easily discover competitively priced products. Shoppers who search for a specific product will be able to see retailers running promotions or sales within the product knowledge panel.

Stay tuned for additional retail-centric Google updates as we approach the holiday season. With more consumers shopping online this season, retailers need to boost their visibility to online shoppers and be prepared to capture the increased consumer demand.