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Google Makes Improvements to Google Ads Scripts

By: Morgan Lewis    May 31, 2022

Google has recently announced new and exciting changes to Google Ads scripts. If you haven’t used or heard of Google Ads scripts before, they are a Google product that works with JavaScript to make changes to your bids, ad groups, keywords and other aspects of your Google Ads account with automation. Google states that you don’t need to be an expert in JavaScript to use the program. In fact, the program will help you as you work, calling out syntax errors, allowing you to preview your work and even auto-completing your work as you go. With the recent changes Google has made, it should be even easier to use the program.

One of the new updates to Google Ads scripts allows you to process additional campaigns, ad groups and more at the same time, which allows for increased work to be completed at once, though time limits remain in place. Google also says they have improved the script validation process. This will enable users of the program to check their work and make sure that their account and campaign budgets remain the same, URLs are correct and much more. These improvements should limit the amount of errors made when using the program, which helps users work more efficiently.

Another improvement to the program allows users to better manage their bidding strategies. This new update will enable users to choose bidding strategies within Google Ads scripts, even strategies such as target ROAS and target impression share. This update should help users optimize their campaigns in a way they’ve never been able to before.

Whether you’re a beginner in JavaScript or an expert, these new updates should make your Google Ads experience much better. If you’re not familiar with JavaScript and still would like to give Google Ads scripts a try, there are also premade scripts that you can edit as needed. With more ease of use, entity processing and control over bidding, Google Ads scripts seem to be a great option for those interested.

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