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Digital Advertisers Give Back to Combat Their Carbon Impact

By: Becca Heacox    July 29, 2021

The world has long been concerned with the environmental impact certain industries are having on the environment. It seems that companies that conduct most of their activity digitally, specifically digital advertisers, are finally becoming aware of their own impact on the planet’s carbon levels.

Digital ads contribute greatly to the carbon footprint of the internet, which is said to produce more carbon emissions than the airline industry. Several tools that allow advertisers to measure this impact have launched in recent years. AdGreen’s carbon calculator is expected to launch this September. Good-Loop’s Green Ad Tag allows agencies to monitor their environmental impact alongside performance metrics and is available in their platform today.

Good-Loop doesn’t just help advertisers measure the environmental impact of their ads; they are also committed to helping advertisers combat the negative impact on the environment through investing in projects that prevent CO2 emissions and by offering formats that reward customer attention with donations to sustainable causes. Good-Loop claims their campaigns benefit advertisers too, driving 33% higher engagement and 45% uplift in brand recall versus other forms of advertising. This model seems like a winning combination for conscious consumers, advertisers and the beneficiaries of these ads.