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Amazon Advertising Now Includes Twitch Ads

By: Caitlin Baker    September 29, 2020

Advertisers now have a more efficient way to buy ads on Twitch, a livestreaming platform that tends to draw younger, harder-to-reach audiences. Amazon announced at the beginning of September that advertisers will now be able to programmatically buy Twitch video and display ads through their advertising platform. Previously, advertisers had to buy ads manually on Twitch or through a managed service buy.


Twitch’s audience tends to be younger and very highly engaged, but much harder to reach via more traditional mediums like standard display ads and linear TV. Advertisers will be able to target Twitch’s audience, which now averages about 17.5 million daily viewers, based on their interests in contextual-based campaigns, as well as the added benefit of Amazon’s audience insights and measurements.


Initially the platform started to share livestreams of gaming sessions, but since Amazon acquired Twitch, there’s been a focus on investing on programming to extend its reach beyond gamers. Mainly, Amazon has been concentrating on bringing live sports and music to the streaming platform – so far with great success. Twitch will increase its regular monthly viewership 14% this year and reach about 16% of the U.S. audience for digital video.


The addition of Twitch to its advertising platform comes as Amazon has seen significant ad sales growth, up 41% in Q2 2020 from a year earlier.