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Safe Auto

By: wpadmin    June 6, 2016

SafeAuto’s legacy agency had been unable to scale digital and continued to run with the same display vendors month over month. Upon winning the business, our first task was to clean up tracking and attribution to ensure credit was delivered to the right partner.

We used one ad server for all digital media and began de-duping search and display conversions to produce clean reporting and optimization. This was very important due to CPA deal structures and usage of programmatic media and algorithmic optimizations happening on search and display. Additionally, knowing that a higher percentage of display conversions occur post-impression versus post-click, we tested various look-back windows to ensure we had competitive costs in the display space while not paying for conversions we would have received at lower window settings. We also leveraged cookie-less tracking to ensure accounting for conversions occurring across multiple touchpoints.

Our nimble management of SafeAuto’s digital buy allowed us to scale spend and drive more sales all while delivering against the tight CPA goals. Year over year, we increased sales 121% while keeping cost-per-sale flat.